About Us

DataCom IT Services, we provide these components. As a project management company, we provide the intellectual horsepower, skills, and rigor to manage and support the construction of major IT and business projects, from concept to reality.

Often when organizations need a Project Manager, they look to a recruiter or to a product vendor, frequently with the idea that they need someone versed in a particular architecture, application, etc. As project management is not the core competency of recruiters or product vendors, neither invests the time or money in the development of a quality, repeatable project management product. And, if a project involves more than one vendor, an organization may wind up with multiple Project Managers, all with different skill levels and using different project management methods, making it difficult to measure their combined progress or to know when an issue will impact the overall project end date and cost. As a result someone in the client organization often winds up managing the Project Managers and the project.

At DataCom IT Services , we practice proven project management methodology processes that have ensured the success of programs and projects deliverables for our clients. Aligned with current Project Management framework standards, our methodology is adaptable to any program and project requirements regardless of environment, project content, application, or industry.

Build a plan

Define a project, Plan project activities, Plan for and procure resources, Plan project costs, Plan for quality and risks, Plan communication and security, Optimize a project plan, Distribute a project plan

Track and manage a project

Track progress, Manage a schedule, Manage resources, Manage costs, Manage scope, Manage risks, Report project status Close a project Review final project information

Close a project

Review final project information

Project Management

Is the key factor in the three-part equation for the successful operation of the productionenterprise with regards to product change. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines Project Management as: "The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from a project"